Visual Filter Syntax
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Selector { filter: [Visual Filter Name]([filter parameter 1], [filter parameter 2], ...) }
For more information on allowed parameters for each of the Visual filter types, see the relevant page on Microsoft's MSDN site.
Visual Filter Names
Visual Filter Description   Visual Filter Description
Alpha Sets a uniform
transparency level.
Grayscale Drops color information
from the element.
Blur Creates the impression
of moving at high speed.
Invert Reverses the hue,
saturation, and
brightness values.
Chroma Makes a specific
color transparent.
Light Projects a light
source onto an object.
DropShadow Creates an offset
solid silhouette.
Mask Creates a transparent
mask from an object.
FlipH Creates a horizontal
mirror image.
Shadow Creates a solid silhouette
of the object.
FlipV Creates a vertical
mirror image.
Wave Creates a sine wave
distortion along the x-axis.
Glow Adds radiance around
the outside edges
of the object.
XRay Shows just the edges
of the object.

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