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What is it?
A URL indicates the address of a resource on the Internet. An absolute URL gives the full address while a relative URL gives an address value that is relative to some other absolute URL (usually the address of the requesting document or if used in a separate stylesheet, relative to the address of the style sheet.) See RFC 1738 and RFC 1808 for more information on URL syntax.
URL Units in CSS
[Relative URL]
[CSS1|CSS2|CSS2.1] [IE3|N4|O3.5|S1]
An Internet address relative to some other resource. In the case where the CSS statement is contained within a document, the address is relative to the document itself or its assigned base URL. In the case where the CSS statement is in a separate CSS file, the Relative URL is relative to the address of the style sheet. The protocol and machine name are already be known, so a Relative URL only consists of local directory structure information.
[Absolute URL]
[CSS1|CSS2|CSS2.1] [IE3|N4|O3.5|S1]
A complete specific URL address consisting of a protocol, followed by a machine address, optional port number, and finally by the address within the local directory structure of the indicated machine address.
"url(" [space]* ["|'] [URL Address] ["|'] [space]* ")"
span { background-image: url("../images/mybackground.gif") }
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