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Official References
W3C Cascading Style Sheets Level 1 recommendation.
W3C Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 recommendation. Integrates CSS1, CSS-P, A-CSS, CSS Printing and more.
CSS 2.1 - the "real world" implementation of CSS2 as it exists in current browsers
A laundry list of features proposed for inclusion in CSS3.
The HTML 4.0 Recommendation - integrates Style Sheet usage.
Other Lists of Links, FAQs
This appears to be the most exhaustive list of links on the subject of CSS out there. If you need to find a CSS site, it should be here. Created by the CSS Pointers group (Toby Brown, Jan Roland Eriksson, and Sue Sims.)
Yahoo's Cascading Style Sheets category
"Nuthin' but Links - Style Sheets." A good, concise list of links to CSS sites.
FAQ: HTML Writer's Guild CSS FAQ. Concentrates on the mechanics of the language.
Martina Kosloff's "The CSShark Answers FAQs". Great FAQ, beginner's docs, Netscape 4.x browser workarounds and more.
Comprehensive Sites, Tutorials:
Web Review's excellent Style Sheet Reference Guide maintained by Eric Meyer - contains compatibility charts, tutorials and many CSS-related articles.
"The House of Style" from Western Civilization Software. An excellent one-stop resource containing tutorials, references, comprehensive lists of browser quirks and annotated versions of the official specs.
The Web Design Group's guide to Cascading Style Sheets.
The Web Developer Virtual Library (WDVL) extensive guide to CSS.
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - Style Sheets guide. Covering CSS, XHTML, XML and other related standards. A HUGE site covering CSS, with tutorials, browser charts, bug listings, and free cross-browser style sheet samples.
Tapio Markula's "Introduction to CSS", including browser/standards charts, bug listings and much more.
Other Related Links:
Tool: W3C CSS2 validation service for checking the syntax of your CSS.
Tool: WDG CSS validation service for checking the syntax of your CSS.
W3C CSS activity page.
W3C CSS test suite.
"Effective Use of Style Sheets" by acknowledged usability expert Jakob Nielsen. A great, concise summary on the benefits of style sheets.
"Why style sheets are harmful" by Jukka Korpela. An interesting counterpoint essay to the typical endlessly-positive cheerleading for the use of style sheets. You may not agree with some or all of his arguments, but they are important factors to keep in mind.

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