CSS, Level 3 and Beyond
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Authors: Bert Bos, various others on each module
Original list of ideas - http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-CSS-potential
Current work on CSS3 and timelines: http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/current-work
- W3C Note released regarding items suggested for inclusion in CSS3 (includes feedback form) - December 1998
- [too numerous to mention the work ongoing on the separate modules - see the "current work" timeline above]
Where is CSS headed?
Currently no browser supports CSS1 entirely, although many are pretty close now. The additions and changes in CSS2 went untouched for a LONG time by the browser-makers, but the market is FINALLY seeing wide-scale adoption of that standard. Of course, while browser-makers were taking their time in producing real implementations of CSS2, the folks at the W3C and its mailing lists were thinking about the future.

In December 1998 a W3C note was published (see above) containing a large laundry-list of items that have been suggested for inclusion in CSS3. It is likely that many of these features will be cut (in fact, the Note included a "voting" utility to help build feedback on public wishes for these features.)

Since this original "Note" was published, CSS has been broken down into sub-modules. Work on these documents, which integrate all of the CSS1 and CSS2 work, as well as enhancements above and beyond them is under way. The W3C has posted a planned timeline for the work on these CSS3 modules. When we might see wide-scale compliance of CSS3 in browsers? Well, that's another matter. (Frankly, the number of proposed new CSS properties in the various modules is nothing short of frightening - both for the page author and the simple human that creates this particular site. )

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