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Editors: Murray Altheim, Shane McCarron
Documentation - http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/
DTD - http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/xhtml11_dtd.html
- XHTML 1.1 first working draft released - September, 1999
- XHTML 1.1 becomes W3C Proposed Recommendation - April, 2001
- XHTML 1.1 becomes W3C Recommendation - May, 2001
So where do we go from here? What is next for XHTML?

XHTML 1.1 is essetially the "strict" DTD from XHTML 1.0...It drops all the deprecated elements and attributes from XHTML 1.0, and makes a few other tweaks (eg: common LANG attribute dropped in favor of "xml:lang", and the addition of the "RUBY" element module.) XHTML 1.1 is designed to be strongly geared toward the document structure, with presentation details to be left to style sheets.

Frankly, XHTML 1.1 may be a little ambitious for many authors at the current stage of browser development, but it is definitely a milepost of where web authoring has been attempting to head for many years: a clear separation between document structure and appearance. XHTML 1.1 finally declares that the time for this separation has come.

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