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Editors: Jonny Axelsson, Beth Epperson, Masayasu Ishikawa, Shane McCarron, Ann Navarro, Steven Pemberton
Documentation - http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml2/
- XHTML 2 first working draft released - August, 2002
- Second and third working drafts released - December 2002
- Fourth working draft released - January 2003
- Fifth working draft released - May 2003
So. Now that XHTML 1.1 has put XHTML on a diet by doing away with all of those extra presentational elements and attributes, what becomes of the language now?

The latest version of XHTML is currently in draft form and undergoing a lot of revision, but this new version already looks to be an ambitious step forward. Many new elements are added, along with extreme (and most likely overdue) changes to web forms capability coming from the XForms work.

Judging by how long it took for the popular browsers to adopt the newer features in HTML 4.0, it should be interesting to see how they attack the new features that appear imminent in XHTML 2.0.

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