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What is it?
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What is it?
Conventional behavior when clicking on a hyperlink or submitting a form was to have the result load on top of the current document in the browser window. With frames, we now have multiple documents in a single browser area. It makes sense to be able to address specific frames in a FRAMESET structure in such actions. The assignment of frame identity is accomplished via the NAME attribute in the FRAME element. The addressing of these frames occurs when a user initiates an action command with a TARGET attribute that specifies the NAME of a frame to use as a destination for its action.

The TARGET attribute is used by the A, AREA, BASE and FORM elements [Please see the pages for these elements to see examples of the attribute in use.] If the frame name specified does not exist, the action will load in a new browser window using the given frame name.
The window name specified by a TARGET attribute must begin with an alpha-numeric or underscore characters ("_") to be valid. All other window names should be ignored.
Special Target Names
This target will cause the link to always be loaded in a new blank window. This window is not named.
This target makes the link load in the immediate FRAMESET parent of this document. This defaults to acting like "_self" if the document has no parent.
This target causes the link to load in the browser's Search pane. (Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.)
This target causes the link to always load in the same window where the action originated. This is useful for overriding a globally assigned BASE target.
This target makes the link load in the full body of the window. This defaults to acting like "_self" if the document is already at the top. It is useful for breaking out of an arbitrarily deep FRAME nesting.
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