Getting Started with HTML
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Introductions to HTML
NCSA's HTML Primer. One of the oldest is also one of the best. Covers all the basic concepts needed to get started with the HTML language. Highly recommended starting point.
Ian Graham's 'Introduction to HTML'. A thorough treatment and fair introduction to the language. Topics organized by location in HTML document structure.
Case Western Reserve's 'Introduction to HTML'. A great introduction tutorial to the language but not a great deal of depth on any one topic.
Case Western Reserve's 'Intermediate HTML'. The sequel to the previous site goes into more depth on several topics including Forms.
Jukka Korpela's 'Learning HTML 3.2 By Example'. Excellent resource with both introductory topics and advanced tag reference information. Based in Finland, but well worth the trip time.
The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction's 'Writing HTML: A tutorial for creating WWW pages' site. This site has many tutorials organized in lesson format. A very nice introduction, and it is also available in Spanish.
'Project Cool Developer Zone'. A fair introduction and some very good tips to keep in mind when creating pages. It is a bit dated though with respect to current HTML practice.
Devry's 'Learning HTML' Resource list. This is a meta-index of links to many tutorials and guides listed here along with many more to get you started with HTML.
Joe Burns 'HTML Goodies' site. Quite a few original primers, articles and tutorials on many HTML topics. Main page is very tables-intensive and can take a while to load.

Complete HTML References
Alan Richmond's 'Web Developers Virtual Library'. A MONSTER reference full of information and links on any web topic desired. Highly recommended.
Kevin Werbach's 'Barebones Guide to HTML'. A good cheat sheet for current HTML information, and it is available in 20 languages! Very good site.
The Web Design Group (WDG) site. Good overall reference on HTML containing references on HTML, style sheets, and articles. Very good site.
Ron Woodall's 'A Compendium of HTML Elements'. Another list of tags, brief explanations and who supports them.
HTML Writer's guild resource page. Many great links to tutorials and references for HTML.

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