T h e  A d v a n c e d  H T M L / C S S  R e s o u r c e s
     By Brian Wilson Last Update: Oct. 1 2003  

Welcome to the last technical resource on HTML and CSS you may ever need. These sites attempt to collect as much information as possible in one location about the HTML and CSS languages, the popular browsers that support them, and the histories behind each. The site evolves along with the specifications and browsers that it documents - it began as a simple reference on the HTML language, but its purpose has grown as the languages and browsers it covers have evolved in popularity and complexity.

The site aims to be a practical reference resource for authors, concentrating on features that have been implemented in currently popular web browsers. Those features not in wide use will not often be of as great a concern to an author. This resource tries not to be judgmental about the use of various language constructs - most have their positive AND negative sides. Presenting the language's factual and historical information in a (hopefully) neutral manner should make an author's choice of features and capabilities a more informed one. YOU, the author, must decide what features will work best for a given situation.