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Do you get tired of pop-ups? Pop-unders? Obtrusive ads?

I know I do. I did even when on-line advertising was booming and I was turning down a significant extra income stream by keeping it off the site - this sort of advertising is getting worse lately, finding new ways to irritate readers. I did not want to subject readers here to these annoyances, so the site has always been ad-free.

So basically this site flourishes only on (digital-) word-of-mouth mention and repeat loyal users. I have rarely seen much in the way of compensation for it.

It DOES cost a lot to produce this site though - in ISP storage and transfer fees, in personal hardware and software costs to set up test environments, and above all, the huge amounts of time it takes for one person to investigate all of this on their own. I have probably put in a couple of solid work-years into this web site (to the order of several thousand work-hours at least.) It also costs from the viewpoint that I could be out doing other things - having a real life =)...maybe spending time learning new technologies that would serve me in a full-time employment arena which could mean more actual money for me.

This page is not here to make you feel sorry for me nor is it here to beg for donations - it is more to make you realize how much effort goes into the site's creation, and to realize that, somewhere in all of that effort, there IS a cost.

If you feel that effort has been useful to you, perhaps you will consider giving something back?

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