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There are many who have helped me create these documents, in the form of advice or suggestions as well as sanity checking and proof-reading. In no particular order...
  • Tapio Markula
    I've been corresponding with Tapio for some time about CSS matters, and the bugs/browser behaviors we both try to document. His own site on CSS in Finnish/English is a similar resource to my own in that we both are trying to get to the bottom of just WHAT the browsers do and don't support from the standards.
  • Ronald and "Engineer Dave"
    In the early days of the site for providing tons of ideas, encouragement and content as well as feedback as to whether the pages were readable to the common man.
  • Stephen LeHunte
    Who created the HTML Reference Library (a wonderful resource, but it is sadly no longer being updated.) Through many emails on the latest goings-on in HTML and CSS he was one of the few not to have that glazed over, bored, "uh-huh" response to conversations about this subject. =) He also was kind enough to let me borrow heavily from his site license concept and wording (thankyouthankyou.)
  • CSS Browser Bug Site creators
    There are many resources on the Internet that also document CSS bugs in the various browsers. In researching browser bugs to document on this site, I consulted many of these resources as well as creating my own test files. Here is a listing of resources consulted, along with a heartfelt thanks to the authors for their existence - browser makers seldom go out of their way to make bugs in their products public.
  • The HTML Writer's Guild and Comp.infosystems.www.authoring.*
    Great minds and even better feedback in these forums for authors.
  • Tim Berners-Lee
    For sending a response regarding the early days of HTML when I ran into a bunch of dead links on the subject on the web. Oh, and of course he also created the WWW and HTML - For that we should all be grateful! =)
  • The Mirror Site Maintainers
    For the space and their time - all donated. The web isn't totally commercialized yet.
  • There were many others that kept me pointed in the right direction, gave feedback and alerted me to undocumented browser behaviors. If I tried to list them all, I would inevitably forget someone. For all of you, this is a general, genuine THANKS!! =)

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