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Internet Explorer 6.0: October 2001
Mosaic 3.0 Final: January 1997 [Last Release]
Netscape 7.0 (Mozilla 1.0): July 2002
Opera 7.11: May 2003

I have tried to keep this list as up to date as possible, but errors can always occur. Companies release software VERY quickly and sometimes with little fanfare (and other times with an alarming amount of it. =) I used to keep up to date with the latest browser news using a site called BrowserWatch, but that site seems to have died like so many other DotCom casualties. So now, I have a much harder time keeping up on some of the browser's releases (but not all...I'm currently working on Opera, so - I think I have that covered. ;) If I have missed any releases, please alert me to them if you see them before I do, or if you hear of new features being added to the mentioned browsers that have not been included in this site yet...

Heck, for that matter, if you can think of good reasons to survey other browsers, or can provide help in testing the browsers for their capabilities, I would welcome it! It seems that the only way to find out about some of these elements/attributes/properties/etc. is to see for yourself if they work. =)

How do I test HTML and CSS?
This is a new little topic I thought I would write off the top of my head... In the past I tested HTML and CSS behavior in a very ad-hoc manner. While I was good at that, some browsers (namely IE) did not play nice together with other versions of itself, so I could only test one or two of those browsers at a time. Meanwhile, I had been collecting browser binaries for years so that I could test them when I needed (I now have 3 CDs full of browser binaries if you are in such a need, let me know...another great source for that sort of thing is Evolt.)

Last year, I built a new machine with the intention of using a system I had tried at work called VMWare - it allows you to run multiple operating systems at once on a single machine (its biggest drawback is that it can consume huuuuge amounts of RAM if you let it, but RAM prices are not that bad these days, so my machine is happy even with 4-5 Virtual machines running at once.) I can now test on a single machine as many browsers as I like side-by-side. Finally, I can do comparison testing on any browser version on any Microsoft or Linux OS at the same time.

That's just geek-sexy if you ask me. =)

Often times, I am still ad-hoc testing browser behaviors, but the process is becoming faster and more streamlined. Geez...the things I do to bring you more accurate information! ;)

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