If you find any errors here, or even better, if you have new entries you feel should be added, please email me at:

[yes, that's an image to lower the amount of spam I get.]

I would like to get the following information where possible:

  • Company name
  • Category(ies) of the catalog
  • Phone numbers for ordering, customer service and FAX
  • Hours available for contact
  • Physical contact address
  • E-mail and/or Web address, if known
  • How to get a catalog
  • Notes (Anything else about the company that might be extremely interesting to shoppers)

Luckily, many companies have settled into recognizable patterns for where they typically put contact information. Look for links like:

  • "Contact Us"
  • "About Us"
  • "Customer Service"
  • "Returns"

You may have to hunt around for some of this information. Some companies seem to think it is fun to hide it away in dark corners of their web sites. The chances of finding a FAX number these days is diminishing quickly, and many companies are using web forms instead of emails to contact them. Some companies even hide more critical information, like phone numbers or physical addresses. Almost as though they would have you believe they are a magical castle floating in cyberspace. A place where dreams come true and their products cause nothing but rainbows and spontaneous happiness. Commerce on the Web is about trust. If a company hides important information, how does that build trust?

Please try to limit new submissions to companies that fit into the existing categories (I know that can be a serious constraint). Thanks!