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1. Breaking News
2. Introduction
3. Strategies - In Brief
4. Customer Service Information
5. More In-Depth Information
6. Other
     · Appendix A:
       CD Clubs In Canada
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+ The CD Club FAQ is about how to get the best value from a membership in any of the two major US/Canadian audio CD Club families: the Bertelsmann Music Group and the Columbia House Music Club. The Bertelsmann Music Group includes the basic BMG clubs (BMG Music Service, BMG Classical Music Service, BMG Jazz Club, and "Sound and Spirit") (all abbreviated as BMG) and BMG Canada. The Columbia House Music Club family includes Columbia House (CH), CDHQ, "play from columbia house" (PLAY), Columbia House Canada, and CDHQ Canada.

The FAQ has five sections (I-V) and an Appendix. It is published in two parts: 1 (I-IV.D.) and 2 (IV.E.-Appendix). The Appendix has information specific to the Canadian CD clubs.

+ It is posted about every two weeks to and The current text version can be found by ftp at HTML versions of the FAQ can be found at and The current version of the Appendix can be found at

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 1994-1998 by Brad von Haden

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