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About the Maintainer

+ Let me introduce myself. My name is Brad von Haden and I can be reached via email at I have been a member of a BMG Club since the mid-80's (currently a member of both the popular and Classical divisions), a member of Columbia House since 1993 (now PLAY), a member of CDHQ since March 1996 (now PLAY also), a member of CDx (now BMG) since February 1998, and a member of PLAY through conversion since July 1998. My only affiliation with the clubs is as a member.

This FAQ was originally maintained by Carl Ponder. Much of the information contained in the FAQ was compiled by him. So, from here on out in the FAQ, when there is a personal pronoun, it means either Carl or myself.

If you have any information (new, corrections, or whatever) or questions pertaining to the FAQ, please contact me. If you have information or questions relating to the operation of the sites (HTML conversion, online catalogs, etc) please contact the site maintainers.

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Carl Ponder offered thanks to Malcolm Humes, James Fowell, Glenn Lea, Troy Biles, Bob Neidorff, Jerry Dallal, Victor Ortega, Benn Tannenbaum, Bob Retelle, Bruno Fernandes, and all the dedicated readers of "" who have provided me with so much invaluable information.
My thanks, especially to Carl Ponder, the original maintainer, for all his hard work, and to all those mentioned by Carl, plus Scott Clark, H.W. Neff and Dave Datta, and Hugh Chou, Jason Hirschhorn, Rob McIntyre, Mark Ramsey, Michael Santos, Martin Stern, Eric Stauffer, Brian Wilson and Yi-Shin Wu.

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