CD Clubs FAQ
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1. Breaking News
2. Introduction
3. Strategies - In Brief
4. Customer Service Information
5. More In-Depth Information
     · Brief Answers To Frequently
       Asked Questions
     · Getting The Most CDs
       For Your $$$
     · Declining The Selection
       Of The Month
     · Available New Membership
     · Membership Costs
     · Club Catalogs
     · The Quality Debate
     · Club "Re-Mastering"
     · Resale Value
     · Ethical Issues
     · Clubs Collecting Sales Taxes
6. Other
     · Appendix A:
       CD Clubs In Canada
     · CD Club Related Sites
     · About The Maintainer
     · FAQ Disclaimer

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Brief Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rejoin the club if I quit? [YES]
  • Are the club disks as good as the store ones? [OPEN 1 / 2 / 3]
  • Can I order from back issues of the catalogs? [YES]
  • Can I use numbers from catalogs to order from ads? [YES]
  • Should I use the half-price coupons? [NO]
  • Can I order Boxed sets through the introductory offer? [DEPENDS]
  • When is it legal for the club to charge sales tax? [THE LAW]
  • How do I stop getting these cards every month? [CALL CLUB TO CHANGE]
  • What if they send me a CD that I don't want? [RETURN IT]
  • What do I do with a defective CD? [RETURN IT]
  • Where did all this junk mail suddenly come from? [SURPRISE!]
  • How are the Canadian and US CD Clubs different? [See Appendix]