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Declining the Selection of the Month

You will generally not want the selection-of-the-month. There are several ways to decline the selection of the month:

  1. Return the monthly selection card
  2. + Go to the club's web site and use the decline option
  3. + Contact the club's customer service center by email or telephone.
  4. Use the club's automated order line
If contacting the customer service center by email, please include your name, complete address, club account number and one of the following: monthly selection's title, monthly selection's selection number, or the monthly flyer's sale cycle identification code (e.g. n/nn/n).

If you receive a selection of the month that you don't want you have two options:
  1. If the mailer has not been opened, write "Refused: Return to Sender" on the mailer and return it, postage free, via US Mail.
  2. If you have opened it, contact the club's customer service center and request a pre-paid return mailing label.
If you return too many discs without cause, the club may cancel your membership.

+ If you have fulfilled the membership purchase requirements and you don't want to worry about receiving another unwanted selection of the month, contact the club's customer service center and request that you be placed on the plan where they don't automatically assume you want the selection of the month. This is called a "positive option" plan: you will continue to receive the monthly mailings, but will not receive a CD unless you order it.

CH and CDHQ call this the "on order only list". I am not sure what BMG calls this but if you explain it to the customer service agent, he/she should understand. This does not apply to PLAY as all PLAY memberships are "positive option" from the start.

If you follow the "join-fulfill-quit-repeat" algorithm, you will not be in the club long enough to need this plan.