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2. Introduction
3. Strategies - In Brief
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     · Fulfilling
     · Quitting
     · Repeat
4. Customer Service Information
5. More In-Depth Information
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Join, Fulfill, Quit, Repeat - In Brief
Deciding To Join

Deciding to Join
+ In choosing your initial new membership titles, do not despair if you can not find enough titles in the advertisement to your liking; you are not limited to just those titles. To find out what other titles BMG and CH/CDHQ/PLAY carry:
  1. Browse the online catalogs:
    BMG Music Service:
    Official: WWW:
    Unofficial: WWW:
    + CH Music Club/ CDHQ/ Play from Columbia House:
    Official: WWW:
    Unofficial: WWW:
    BMG Classical Music Service:
    Official: WWW:
    Unofficial: WWW:
    Unofficial: FTP:
    + BMG Sound & Spirit:
    Official: WWW:
    Unofficial: WWW: and
  2. Peruse a friend's club bulletin/catalog
  3. Request a catalog from the club's customer service center
  4. Check magazines and newspapers for other club advertisements