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Join, Fulfill, Quit, Repeat - In Brief

+ To fulfill the membership purchase requirement, purchase the required number of CDs in the allotted time. Single CDs that count as one purchase toward the membership purchase requirement are priced at least $14.98 for BMG and at least $12.98 for CH/CDHQ/PLAY. Only regular priced titles count toward fulfilling the membership purchase requirement; free and sale priced CDs do not count:

An offer that includes a regular priced title, such as 'buy 1, get 2 free', does count the 'buy 1' title toward fulfilling the membership purchase requirement.

An offer without a regular priced title, such as '66% off everything' would usually not have any title count toward fulfilling the membership purchase requirement.

+ Other than paying the bills and fulfilling the membership purchase requirements within the allotted time period, a club member's main responsibility is to decline the selection of the month in a timely fashion, assuming he/she does not wish to receive it. This can be done by returning the monthly selection cards, by using the club's official web sites decline option or by contacting the club's customer service center by telephone or email.

If you receive a CD that is either received in error (unwanted monthly selection or wrong CD shipped by the club) or flawed (CD or packaging) contact the club's customer service center. If required to return the item, ask for a pre-paid return mailing label. If the CD's shipping package has yet to be opened, just write "Refused: Return to Sender" on the outside of the package and return it to the club postage free via US Mail.