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Resale Value

+ BMG replaces the UPC label on most every CD they sell with the title's club selection number and the words "Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under license". They sometimes also print the CD's selection number on the included booklet and the CD itself. This is pretty conspicuous. I have found BMG disks in the used bins at pawnshops and have known that I could order them new from BMG at a lower price than they were asking. Some used-CD stores refuse to accept BMG Club CDs.

+ CH/CDHQ/PLAY mark most of their CDs by adding the letters "CRC" (Columbia Record Club) somewhere in the artwork seen through the back panel of the CD case or on the UPC label, or by adding the statement "Manufactured by Columbia House Under License".

Penny Lane Records, Tapes and Compact Discs of Los Angeles, CA, has instituted a club CD purchase program. Penny Lane will pay $6.00 per factory sealed club CD on its in-house top 50 chart. Please be advised that the clubs are considering legal action against Penny Lane.